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1. Check air conditioning system for proper operation?
2. Check oil. Make arrangement if necessary to have oil and filter changed?
3. Inspect coolant level and condition?
4. If necessary, make arrangements for the coolant system to be flushed?
5. Check both hoses for cracks and swelling, softness or leaking?
    If necessary, make arrangements for replacing?
6. Check the battery and maintain charge?
7. Inspect the tires?
8. Make sure all lights are operational?
9. Replace bulbs, if necessary? 
10. Start engine periodically?
11. Make arrangements as needed for lubrication?
13. Check the fluids as required?
14. Make sure there are no leaks. If there are, report them?
14. a. Type of gas?
15. Doors, if necessary, greased, if appropriate?
16. Make sure the windshield wash
17. Check windshield wiper blades, and if necessary, arrange replacements?
18. Wash the car and wax, as necessary?
19. Treat interior, if necessary?
20. Arrange for your vehicle to be used in photo shoots with pre-approval?
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